Badi “The Departure” now coming to your college!

img 0369 Badi The Departure now coming to your college!Badi’s debut album “The Departure” was released just a few months back. It has been received with high praise from music lovers and industry veterans alike. His sound is refreshing and unique. One industry insider was quoted as saying “People need to hear his music… like its an emergency!” while another expressed “He is expanding the game…” His music is crossing borders… literally… with reviews beginning to come in from the UK & Germany. At the same time, in his home territory, Badi is starting to gain a foothold in the national college touring scene… Just think.. Badi could be coming to your college or university very soon! Look out for him.. and if you don’t see him on the schedule… just get your student activities coordinator to invite him… thanks again for supporting The Movement.

Check Badi out on myspace and facebook… and tell a friend.

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